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four of swords

Four of Swords:

Repose.  Resting after an emotional ordeal.  Regaining one’s emotional and physical strength.  Healing inner wounds.  Hiding.  Retreating from the world.  Wisdom (as seen by the card’s raven) gained from time spent alone in contemplation.

from the Bohemian Gothic Tarot: “A period of rest and recovery.  A well deserved holiday from work.  Allowing yourself to step back and stop worrying for awhile.  Finding it difficult to step away from an argument and forgetting about it.  A period of illness that takes you out of everyday life for awhile.”

four of cups

Four of Cups:

The good cry.  Melancholia.  Elegiac.  Poetic feelings.   Unrequieted or lost love.  The blues.  Languidness.

from the Bohemian Gothic Tarot:

“Feeling disenchanted and bored with everything.  Losing touch with life.  Listlessness and lack of energy.  Refusing opportunities, avoiding social events.  Being stuck in some endless, horrible cycle.  Losing your love of life.”

four of wands

Four of Wands:

friendship.  parties.  socials. having fun.  getting dressed up.  joyousness.  frivilousness

from the Bohemian Gothic Tarot:

“Getting away from a boring routine.  Leaving a secure but dull lifestyle for something that’s more fun.  A celebration or festival.  Escape from a threatening or oppressive situation.  An ability to rise above the gloom and doom around you.”


Four of Pentacles:

A materialistic person. Riches.  Being too focused on personal belongings. 

From the Bohemian Gothic Tarot:

“Worrying too much about your material possessions.  Saving and investing.  Being miserly.  Accumulating wealth at the expense of others.  Neurotic meaness.

So as my personal journey continues through the Bohemian Gothic Tarot, today I speak of the card that gives me the heebee jeebees.

The Tower would be an easy choice on first glimpse. Sudden, drastic events. Emotional upheavels. Lightning striking the gargoyle through the head, symbolizing a mental breakdown. The tongue hanging open-a panic attack.

Yet I can not fault the card for evoking the feelings it is supposed to.

bohemian gothic towre


bohemian gothic justice
I definitely don’t want to have this guy over for dinner. But he is what he is. The karmic balancer who is objective in his decisions.

Four of Pentacles?

ah, my runner-up.

bohemian gothic four of pentacles

Honestly, this woman looks like one of those nice, sweet, mature ladies who is really injecting cyanide into pieces of chocolate in a Miss Marple Mystery.

Which brings us to the winner:

*drum roll*

The Sun.

Yes, the Sun.

Now, if this card simply had the horse (symbolizing freedom) and the sun (obviously symbolozing happiness and new beginnings) this would be a very lovely card. But they had to stick that kid into the picture.
And creepy kids are way creepier than creepy adults, and this one looks like he just rode in from The Village of the Damned.

bohemian gothic sun