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So as my personal journey continues through the Bohemian Gothic Tarot, today I speak of the card that gives me the heebee jeebees.

The Tower would be an easy choice on first glimpse. Sudden, drastic events. Emotional upheavels. Lightning striking the gargoyle through the head, symbolizing a mental breakdown. The tongue hanging open-a panic attack.

Yet I can not fault the card for evoking the feelings it is supposed to.

bohemian gothic towre


bohemian gothic justice
I definitely don’t want to have this guy over for dinner. But he is what he is. The karmic balancer who is objective in his decisions.

Four of Pentacles?

ah, my runner-up.

bohemian gothic four of pentacles

Honestly, this woman looks like one of those nice, sweet, mature ladies who is really injecting cyanide into pieces of chocolate in a Miss Marple Mystery.

Which brings us to the winner:

*drum roll*

The Sun.

Yes, the Sun.

Now, if this card simply had the horse (symbolizing freedom) and the sun (obviously symbolozing happiness and new beginnings) this would be a very lovely card. But they had to stick that kid into the picture.
And creepy kids are way creepier than creepy adults, and this one looks like he just rode in from The Village of the Damned.

bohemian gothic sun

On February 25th, I did a reading for someone who was on the brink of separating from their partner. The couple have a very young child, and while this child had not been told of the situation due to their age, they sensed something was wrong and had begun suffering fits. Therefore, the querent asked if the child was, at some level, blaming themself for the tension in the house.

To find out I made a specific spread. The results for this querent were not positive ones, but they were truthful and necessary. In case it may be of help to others in a similar situation, here are the questions I asked:

1. How you see yourself:

2. How child sees themself:

3. How you see child:

4. How child sees you:

5: How child sees partner:

6. How child sees self in relation to the problems at home:

7. How you can help child deal with the situation as best as possible:

Bohemian gothic 7 of Pentacles

Bohemian Gothic Tarot 7 of Pentacles

Some time ago, the lovely Digital Dame introduced me to the Bohemian Gothic Tarot.  An act that I’m eternally grateful for as this deck has inspired,and continues to inspire dozens of rich story ideas.  But despite the fact that I’ve also used it for divination with very good results, I haven’t truly studied it.  Deciding it was time to change that, I took out the deck and wondered about the fun ways I could get more intuned with it.

Favorite card?  Too many.  This deck is a whirl of rich colors and imagery.

The card that says, “me”.  That is what i shall discern first, I decided.  My significator, if you will.

The Strength card?


While the black-winged demoness atop the lion appeals to the part of me which embraces the wild, animal side in all of us, I couldn’t say that was me me.

The Queen of Swords?

Queen of swords

isn’t she as cool as the Norse hell?  But as much as I love learning, and hopefully accumulating wisdom, I couldn’t say I was her, either.

I continued through the deck.  All along having a feeling who it would be, for it was her face which had first drawn me in.

7 of Cups

What did i see?  A woman full of lust and life.  Gazing with delight at the moon.  Full of dreams.  Water symbolized by the cup and by the blood wine.  Yet the red velvet dress speaks of fire; so while this woman is touched by the moon, she does not get lost in reverie.  She has the passion, strength, and fortitude to make things happen.

That my astrological self is made of fire and water may come as little surprise.

I opened the booklet that came with the deck.

7 of Cups: “Daydreams- both realistic and fantastical.   Hopes, ambitions, possibilities- some feasible, others not.

Shadow meaning:  “self-aggrandisement.  Lunacy- becoming moonstruck and delusional.”

– Which card, may I ask, is *you* ? And does your significator stay the same through different decks, or are you inexplicably drawn to a certain card in a certain deck?