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Lenormand. I sounded out the word and wondered about these cards that I was hearing mentioned more and more.  A few YouTube videos later, I was intrigued.  Then I came upon a lady who explained it in the way of a story. “Tarot is the underlying emotions of the character.  Lenormand is the plot.” And right then I knew I must get a deck. But which one?

My very first Tarot was picked at random.  Tarot of the Witches.  I didn’t know then it had been featured in the James Bond film, Live and Let Die.  Kid-me just saw, “oooh! a Tarot deck! oooooh!  For witches!”- and hurried over to the cash register with it.

Kid-me shut self in bedroom, tore open the package, and frowned.  Why did only some of the cards have pictures on them?  (I didn’t know then about pip cards)  And why were the cards with pictures rather ugly?



Well, I wasn’t going to make that mistake with my first Lenormand.  No siree.

So off I went around the Internet, and to my magpie’s delight, discovered tons of breathtaking decks.  The Enchanted Lenormand came close, but the winner was:

Under the Roses by Kendra Hurteau and Katrina Hill.  Painted in sepia tones with Edwardian imagery, the  2.25 x 3.5 cards fit easily in one’s hands, and can be thrown into even small purses.

From the booklet: “Under the Roses” is a euphemism for buried secrets. The allusion comes from the Latin phrase Sub Rosa, which dates back to classical Roman times when the rose became the symbol of confidentiality and secrets. The expression became well known in German literature, eventually finding its way to English literature in the nineteenth century.

To go along with this theme, keywords are hidden within the cards, only really seen when tilted at certain angles.

under the roses

A wonderful added bonus is there are alternative cards.  A white man, woman, and child.  And a black man, woman, and child.  It’s great that card designers are finally waking up to the fact that the whole world is not caucasion.  One can pick from their background or whichever they find more aesthetically pleasing.  Having two male and two female cards will also be useful if doing readings for same-sex couples.

One minor quibble is the booklet, while very easy to understand, really is only a bare-bones introduction, so I am glad to have also ordered a book on  Lenormand.

That aside, I feel in my bones these cards are going to be very special in and of themselves, and in conjunction to my tarot workings.