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One of my favorite aspects of writing is discovering who my characters are. I’m of the mind that I don’t create them. They come to me, and slowly reveal themselves, and their story to me. I’m not saying that I believe that is literally true- that they exist on some different plane- only that is how it feels.

This morning, as Moira (my 1920s amateur painter) sat drinking a mint julep, I wondered what kind of art she would have hanging upon her walls. “ Show me.”

After a couple hours merrily spent studying and viewing some of the prominent artists of the Surrealist and Art Deco Movements of the time, nothing felt right. They might be brilliant works, but not to her taste. That is, until I came upon Jean Dupas (1882 – 1964), a famous French artist and designer.

In 1922, he showed his painting, “Les Pigeons Blanc” (The White Pigeons) at the Salon des Artistes Fran├žais.

Jean-Dupas-les pigeons blanc

Romain Lefebvre stated that it was the first painting to exemplify Art Deco, “”with the indicative stylization of the figures, almost sculptural, with their long necks and bent wrists forming large arabesque movement.”

“Yes,” Moira said to his luminous colors and bird motifs.

So now, decorating her black and cream furnished parlor, are her three favorite prints by Dupas. The above mentioned, along with Les Perruches and Pomone.



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