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On February 25th, I did a reading for someone who was on the brink of separating from their partner. The couple have a very young child, and while this child had not been told of the situation due to their age, they sensed something was wrong and had begun suffering fits. Therefore, the querent asked if the child was, at some level, blaming themself for the tension in the house.

To find out I made a specific spread. The results for this querent were not positive ones, but they were truthful and necessary. In case it may be of help to others in a similar situation, here are the questions I asked:

1. How you see yourself:

2. How child sees themself:

3. How you see child:

4. How child sees you:

5: How child sees partner:

6. How child sees self in relation to the problems at home:

7. How you can help child deal with the situation as best as possible:

Bohemian gothic 7 of Pentacles

Bohemian Gothic Tarot 7 of Pentacles