bohemian two swords

Two of Swords: air.

Trust in one’s intuition. confidence to stand alone. Using the inner senses. protection of self. a love for mystery

being blinded to the truth.  building walls around self. hurting self in long run by keeping others away

bohemian gothic two cups

Two of Cups: water

First meetings.  beginnings of a new relationship. partnerships. marriage.  Soul mates.

 jealousy. break ups. co-dependency

bohemian gothic two wands

Two of Wands: fire

wishing for more excitement. reaching a point of boredom or stagnation in a project.  being too cautious, too conservative to reach greater heights of vision and achievement


Two of Pentacles: earth

Balance.  juggling many things and activities. thriving on chaos.  risk taking for the sense of adventure. living in a blissful whirlwind

taking on too much at once.  being out of synch.  chaos.  clutter, too easily bored

The number two: balance, polarity, duality, choices, couples, joining, opposites

from The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish: “People whose number is two have the qualites which are usually associated with the feminine.  They have soft, sweet natures.  They are quiet, tactful, conciliatory.  They are eventempered, lovers of peace and harmony.  They are followers rather than leaders, and if they do not get their own way they do it by persuasion and diplomacy…there is also a dark and sinister side to the 2-character which may show itself in cruelty, malice and deceit.”

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