Tarot Empress, or Musings of a Witchy Mother

Posted: May 28, 2015 in musings, tarot
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from the Bohemian Gothic Tarot:  “The Empress: Motherhood and maturity.  All things natural.  The cycle of birth, growth, death, and rebirth.  Being at one with nature.

shadow meaning: Acceptance that death, as well as birth, is part of the entire natural cycle. Trying to control nature.  Poor, uncaring parenting.”

The Empress.  The Earth, and Dark Mother.

As a new parent one might spend time lurking at boards, picking up tips here and there.  Baby having trouble getting out those dastardly burps?  fennel tea!  And one might pay closer attention to oft- parroted sayings.

My children are my life!”

Normally this would go in one of my ears and straight out the other.  But now it stayed and vexed and I was left wondering why.  Surely, this was a loving, innocent statement.  Nothing to brew about.  And it’s certainly not my beeswax if others think this way.

But as I pondered the statement further, I realized I just didn’t like the implications (real or imagined) behind the words.  Because, no.  He’s not.  I had my own life before him, and continue to now.  My dreams and desires and pursuits continue.  He is the most amazing, awesome, joyful part of my life.  He’s the whipped cream and cherry on top the sundae.  But we are separate entities.  Never do I want to be the kind of person who lives vicariously through their child. That wouldn’t be fair to me.  Nor to him.  He is an autonomous being and he has the right to his own dreams and desires and pursuits.  And yes, the right to his own mistakes and failings, too.

  1. D. D. Syrdal says:

    I didn’t even know you had a child! Congratulations, albeit likely late 🙂

  2. Thanks so very much, DD! 🙂

    I kept the pregnancy very quiet. Didn’t even bring it up in every day life (except to family and friends) so others were left wondering if I was or not. They didn’t dare bring it up in case I’d just gained weight. Saved me from lots of ridiculous comments and unasked for advice. 😉

  3. Loving your last paragraph!

  4. Ken (from AW) says:

    congrats on the kid 🙂
    used to own a pack of tarot cards. the medieval illustrations made having them worthwhile. along with the cards came this miniscule interpretation booklet of what each card meant. not to compare to what you have here.

  5. Hi Ken!!

    Great to hear from you. It’s been awhile. And thank you!

    I’d be curious to know what deck you had…

    • Ken says:

      Don’t recall. I picked up the deck up at an occult bookstore. I believe a friend of mine got the same deck. Bet he still has his. (He’s very much into the occult and a lot more organized than me.) Next time I write him I’ll ask.

      pps Have you read Dr Faustus? I just did. Very interesting. (He makes a pact with the devil in exchange for magical powers.) Awesomely poetic.

  6. Hi,

    First- thanks for checking with your friend. I look forward to finding out. Always interesting to find out what others are using.

    Unfortunately I haven’t read Faust. I should! Have you read The Monk? If not, I think you would like that. (just have to try to ignore some of the -isms as it is a product of its time)

  7. Ken says:

    Thanks for suggestion. I’ll check Monk out. Seems intriguing going by the title. I really should read Faust too, by Goethe, to get an idea of what Christopher Marlowe based Faustus on. Good one to you, Ken 🙂

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