Bohemian Gothic Tarot: Tell me about his health

Posted: May 24, 2015 in tarot
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*A Reading for a woman who wanted some more insight into her husband’s health as he prepared to undergo testing.*

Using my Bohemian Gothic Tarot, I pulled three cards: The Empress, Nine of Wands, and Seven of Pentacles.

bohemian gothic tarot empress

bohemian gothic tarot nine of wands

bohemian gothic tarot seven of pentacles

So we’re dealing with nature, the cycles of birth, life, death, and rebirth. Using courage to get through a Situation. Contemplation. Looking back at what you have successully completed before moving forward.

All this pointed to a time of a change for *John* (name changed)

As the shadow side of the Empress can mean acceptance of physical death, I wanted to make sure we were just dealing with normal change/transformation and not the biggest kind. Therefore, I took out my Russian Gypsy Fortune Cards. Most importantly, I did NOT pull the hearse or anything at all of a negative nature.

Two pictures formed once the cards were shuffled. The Heart and the Angel. *John* would be surrounded by love, and protected by a heavenly presence.
russian gypsy heart

russian gypsy angel

Using the information from both decks(and my intuition) I concluded that I thought whatever *John* was going through was not life threatening and he would get through his health problem with the support of his loved ones and spiritual helpers; as well as using his own courage to do so.

  1. D. D. Syrdal says:

    Health readings can be really tricky. In general I won’t do them, as too many people hear what they want to hear, or misinterpret what you say. I think you handled this very well.

  2. Thank you, DD. And I totally hear you. I happen to know this person, so knew she wouldn’t do anything foolish with the information I gave her. She mostly just wanted to know what general vibe I got in case she might have to ready herself for a potential tough road ahead.

    oh, and I always tell people that the future is not written in stone. The Tarot only reveals the probable/maybe way things are going if the energy/direction is not changed.

    btw, will you be posting more at your Dangling Pentacles? I miss that!

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