The Beauty and Time of Writing

Posted: August 3, 2014 in spirits, tarot, writing
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I shuffle the cards to clear the deck. With my eyes closed, concentrating on my brow chakra to activate the inner sight, I ask the Spirits to guide my hand to the card which represents my current state of mind on the creative writing process.
“I will shuffle nine times. Let the card on top be the current answer.”

I shuffle and turn the chosen card.

Six of Swords

bohemian gothic tarot six of wands

“Getting through a hard time calmly and quietly. Making a profound change in your life, which will take some time.” Are some of the sentences the Bohemian Gothic Tarot uses to describe the meaning of this card.

And yes, like most writers, I have gone through some difficult times with my current manuscript. There are the days when the words flow seamlessly and I bounce like an excited child as I type away. Giddy that I am a sorceress creating magic with the touch of my fingertips against the keys. There are the times when my brain is frazzled and I just can’t get the images in my head down onto that screen, and I wonder how I ever wrote two novels when I can’t even now get one damned paragaph down. More often than not, there are the okay days, when the words don’t flow, but with patience and faith, they do eventually come.

As I gaze at the picture above, I see a woman asleep, floating on a boat. The water, so symbolic of dreams. Below, is her double. Awake, and staring up at her twin. The conscious and subconscious.

To create one must go deep, deep within themselves into the forests of their mind. This is where story ideas and characters are found. Yet it is the conscious which enables us to weave tales in a comprehensible fashion. To revise and edit and make all words clear and meaningful.

It is a beautiful mental dance.

And yes, it often takes a lot of time.

And that, is all right.

  1. D. D. Syrdal says:

    Love that card, that deck. I typically see the 6 of Swords as a journey away from sorrow or strife. After the battle in the 5 of Swords, the 6 is a time of moving on.

    Our muses can be so capricious, hard to know how to woo them. I think I finally realized how to get myself into ‘the zone’ for writing, but I allow myself to be distracted far too often.

  2. It’s thanks to you that I even know of the deck. šŸ™‚

    I like your interpretation of the card, too. In a way it goes with how I see it. The patience one needs while things are moving on from difficulties, as most changes don’t happen over night.

  3. Stephen Thom says:

    Lovely post. All the best with your new manuscript, it will all come together for you. I don’t know much about it but i think it’s definitely good to have breaks and come back fresher. Thank you as ever, too, for your great, thoughtful, considered feedback on my wee stories. šŸ™‚

  4. I like the meaning of the card very much and agree all things take time. Something will happen that spark you to type more and give you more ideas. Every day is a new day and a fresh start for inspiration. Don’t be so hard on yourself you will get there.

  5. HI Stephen,

    Thank you! I had one of those fantastic days yesterday. As for taking breaks, I find those actually hinder me. Makes it all the more difficult to get back into my manu/story. I find that if I write even just a few sentences, or simply edit a bit on cold days, that it keeps the embers alive, so to speak.

    But do whatever works for you, of course.

    And you’re very welcome. Glad I can help in anyway, and your stories are anything but “wee”. šŸ˜‰

  6. Hi Lora!

    Thanks hon. You always have such lovely. kind words. But don’t worry. Not being hard on myself at all. Just writing the realities of the ups and downs of any creative process. Even on the harder days, I wouldn’t trade it for anytihng. šŸ™‚

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