Black Sabbath: A Drop of Water- a Tale of Terror

Posted: October 13, 2013 in film, horror
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Black Sabbath - I tre volti della paura 1963-MSS-JF-049

There are  films you see as a child, which although the name of it is long forgotten to you, fragments of scenes, the way it crawled under your skin, remain intact.   And years later, you are flicking the channels when you come across that seem bony hand, those same drops of water.   “This was that movie,” you say.

Directed by the sublime Mario Bava (Black Sunday, Kill Baby Kill), Black Sabbath was a  1963 Italian horror trilogy.  Its original title, I tre volte della paura ( The three Faces of Fear) consists of one,  “The Telephone” in which a woman named Rosy, beset by terrifying phone calls, fears the ex-pimp she helped put away, is out now,  seeking revenge.  Second, “The Wurdalak”, in which a woman loses her child to a vampire.   This story set in 19th century Russia is exceptionally haunting and beautifully filmed.   Yet it is perhaps the third one, that remains most memorable to any who saw it:

“A Drop of Water”

Everyone knows not to steal from the dead.   Except, evidently,  Victorian Nurse Helen Chester.  While dressing the body of a deceased patient, she slips a saphire ring off the corpse’s finger.  The deed done,  she knocks over a glass of water, its contents spilling onto the floor.   A fly attacks her face.

Pulling herself together, she continues her work.

Once finished with the assignment, she returns home to her apartment.  Ready to rewind and relax for the evening, her plans are hindered by the buzzing of flies, and the tip-tapping of water.   And then there is that face.  That face.  And those hands. . .

From youtube, in the Original Italian:  (don’t worry, you don’t need to speak the language to understand what is happening)   (part one)    (part two)    (part three)

  1. Hi Tasha, I must revisit this page to watch the youtube videos. A drop of water sound really good. A person who steal from the dead deserve all that will happen to them. Seriously, I don’t understand why their are grave robbers. Grant it people can not do anything with what they are buried with, but it is a sign of possession and their, the dead person, value. It meant something to that person. It is a great sign of disrespect to steal from the dead, dance on their grave, spit on their grave, and take a piss on their grave. I sadly seen a few of these action with a few knuckle heads I once knew.

  2. Hey Lora!

    I hear you. My own personal thought is…if I’m dead, and i have something someone else needs…like shoes or food or some other thing they need for survival or help keep them warm, they’re welcome to it. But just to take because they find something pretty… that’s another story.

    Let me know if you do watch, and what you think. 🙂

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